12 January 2013


Everyone told us that we would freeze our noses off here.

I said "oh no...I'm used to the cold from home..."

They replied with arched eyebrows and "it's going to be cold" along with "are you sure your jacket is warm enough?"

Now we're here and I've brought my jacket with me on bike rides twice only to wish I hadn't. Even late at night as we biked through the darkness through the heart of Oxford campus, passing by the bridge of sighs as if we did it every day (you'd better believe my mind was freaking out) along with the courtyard from Harry Potter (though it's far more mind blowing to be on the campus of Oxford), my body glowed from the muscles in my legs and back working together to propel me forward.

And another thing...all the stores, homes, and establishments are kept at what we're guessing to be around sixty five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. This means that we stride off our bikes, bustle into our home, and feel our faces and scalps set on fire.

While a plastered fringe* is not attractive, wind-blown-pink is the perfect cheek color.



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