26 January 2013

soup for a cold weekend

As soon as I saw the Spicy Pineapple Shrimp Soup by A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to make it. Not only did they advertise it as the perfect cold day soup, but it also contains ingredients that, for the most part, I already had.

Sweet chili sauce for sriracha. While Tesco carries it, I didn't want to spend the £3 that it would take to get a bottle that I would most likely not use again.

Chili flakes for red pepper. I can't imagine this hurt anything. The chilis give my dish a glorious glow as soon as it gets in your mouth.

A yellow bell pepper for a red bell pepper. While the texture is exactly the same, red bell peppers tend to have a sharper taste even after they're cooked. Not to mention the red would look wonderful with the pink shrimp, green peas, and gold pineapple.

Canned peas for thawed frozen peas. While frozen peas have more nutrients in them than canned peas,  canned worked quite wonderfully. Also, I couldn't find the frozen peas.

Nothing for rice vinegar. I forgot it.

Brown rice for white rice. I just prefer the much-ness of brown rice, though I do sometimes miss the fluffiness of white.

Pretty respectable for my small resources. My rendition ended up looking quite a bit different than the original and I'm quite certain it tastes different as well, though I am certainly not complaining.

1 comment :

Sam said...

I like the elbows caught in the frame :)
Also, I am writing you a letter today. Sorry it has taken this long!

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