22 January 2013

on walking

I did all of my travel by foot yesterday because of the slick. I'm in love. This city was made for walking. As in, when it was built, people could only walk because cars and cycles weren't invented yet. But it's still laid out in distances that are very reasonable to walk. But even more than the ease of the whole thing, I notice things walking that I would never get to see cycling. 

I know I'm starting to walk like the British because I keep finding myself turning my shoulder at the last minute to get past someone without running into them. I am also getting much better at not freaking people out by smiling at them and making eye contact. Truth be told, I'm so busy looking that it's not that hard.

These pictures depict my walk to and from my creative writing tutor's home. The river is the Thames.


HAD said...

Look up the walking route through Oxford to the Kilns (home of CS Lewis). If you can't find it, talk to Jonathan Kirkpatrick or Simon. :D

Katie Beth said...

I most certainly shall! I've been thinking about when I can go...hopefully soon!

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