02 January 2013

old Sweater + some thread + rice = magic.

My roommate Charis has a magic thing...it's a bag, filled with rice. You put it in the microwave for three minutes and BOOM! The most amazing neck warmer/stomach ache soother/hand warmer I have ever felt.

I've been making some out of old sweaters...the kind that's already been loved and is so very soft. I got three from a nearby thrift store. One turned out to be too wonderfully comfortable to cut up and the other two have become all sorts of things...leg warmers, mittens, hats, tea cozies, and these rice bags. 

All it takes is two rectangles to sew together. If you cut with a seam as the center fold, you only have to sew up three sides. Just cut, sew with a machine, and then finish up the last side by hand (after filling it with rice of course) and poof. Magic in two minutes. Or five, if you count the time it takes to heat it.

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