13 January 2013

it's the little things

So many things here in Oxford are the same as they are in the United States. Many of the brand names are here just as they are across the pond, as well as cars and clothing lines.

This only makes it all the more strange however when something ends up being slightly different. One gets a strange disconcerted feeling when you consistently miss door handles because they're higher than you're used to...or when you go to try and turn on a light and turn it off on accident because the switch goes the opposite direction...or when you go to lock a door and can't because you're supposed to turn it the opposite direction as well. I've tripped up stair after stair this past week because they're a tad bit taller.

Though I must say I don't miss US money in the slightest. British Pounds are not only colorful, but they're different sizes depending on the denomination, making them easier to pick out. And then there's the coins which all have varying designs and shapes. Besides..."pence" is SO much more adorable than "cents."

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