17 January 2013

delicate but energized

Twining's | English Breakfast...a quintessential classic

We gathered around the tea table for our morning tea as we do every morning. Walking down the line...tea, spoons, cups, sugar, milk, hot water...I began to teach for the box of Twining's Assam remembering how wonderful it was, when I caught myself. I am determined to try new things and not get stuck in a rut of "comfortable." So I went for a tea that wouldn't seem to anyone else to be adventurous but which I have actually never tried before...English Breakfast. Now before you stop listening to anything I say because I haven't had English Breakfast before, think about how much sense it makes to have English Breakfast for the first time in England for breakfast. While I don't have any other English Breakfast's to compare it to, I would say it is definitely on my top list. It's far more delicate than many of the other black teas I have had, but still retains its energy. I would certainly drink it again and am excited to try other versions of it.

You can find Twining's English Breakfast online here from Twining's online location.

1 comment :

Megan Walter said...

Mm I just had Twinings English Breakfast tea too! It makes me feel closer to you. :)
It looks like you are having an amazing time.
Thinking about you and praying for you, my dear friend!


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