03 September 2014


On Friday I will have my first shift at NuFlours gluten-free bakery! Their new storefront on Capitol Hill is planned to open the first of October. Until then I will be training, working farmer's markets, and (perhaps) weddings while getting my bearings. 

The blessings are overwhelming. After only a month of keeping my job search in high gear, I have been welcomed into a job that will not only support me, but also one which I care deeply about. It turns out that cold-calling (or emailing in my case) actually works. 

My first move in searching for jobs here in the Seattle area was to look up alternative bakeries in the city and sending them all my resume with a cover letter. It didn't take long because goodness there are so few of them. Alternative food and having it available is a subject dear to my heart. Growing up with a brother with severe allergies, and now finding myself (and others around me) having to be very intentional about the foods we eat (or don't eat), social gatherings can become difficult on a whole new level and having something safe available to eat can make a world of difference.

So yes. A worthwhile endeavor I think. Not to mention a delightful learning experience.  Though goodness me my starting commute from the East Side. Well, I'll get a lot of reading done.

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