11 June 2014

dry shampoo

I started using this dry shampoo when I walked in Scotland and traveled in Europe. We weren't sure how accessible showers would be and I didn't particularly want to spend all of the time taking them.
It was then only a simple matter of looking up what people were doing and whether I could make dry shampoo myself.  I ended up looking at seven or so recipes before deciding to do whatever I wanted. While the ingredients were strikingly similar across the board, there didn't seem to be any real pattern as to how much of each ingredient was being used. Below I've written out what I ended up with. It's laughably simple.
Now, even though I take a shower every other day or so, I still use this recipe. You can either apply it to your roots with a foundation brush or, more commonly what I do on quick mornings, you can sprinkle some on your palm, rub it between your hands, and comb your fingers through your hair.

It cuts the appearance of grease and also lifts your roots, thereby making your hair fluffy and, in many cases, easier to style if you so desire.

While there are other recipes that might work better, the ease of this one (and the lovely smell) make it just right for me.

1/4 c corn starch
Sift into a bowl.
Coco powder (for brunets)
Add until desired color is reached.
Stir to combine and sift to ensure consistency.
Store in a lidded container.
Apply to hair roots.

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