07 June 2014

and we talked for six hours

I have so loved having the range of this little corner of town, most especially because it slopes right down to the water. Running in the dark at night has been a particular pleasure as I feel the salt from the air and the salt from my sweat stiffening my hair. How blessed I feel to have these days of quiet before everything hits all at once.

As I think about moving towards living in Seattle and all of the transitions that will occur before then from working at home to working a job to saving money to moving out, I can't help but wrap myself in frightened excitement.

There are those I miss from Georgia and Tennessee and North Carolina, those that have moved away and those that have stayed. Those who are embroiled in difficult work and those who are struggling to find it. Yet, through it all, the Lord has proved Himself to me over and over again. He cares for those He loves. He watches over His children. He is faithful to provide our daily bread.

Our daily bread.

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