22 May 2014

coconut lotion

I know I know... it's a typical blog arch. Girl finds out she can't eat such and such types of food. Gets into all new recipes. Proceeds to make everything from scratch...cleaners, lotion, makeup...

But really. There is something very comforting about knowing that I could eat everything that I put on my body. Not to mention that it smells better. And is often cheaper... definitely a plus for me right now as I'm looking for employment and living in my parent's house (does that make me officially a millennial now?).

It also so happens that the products my mom and I have been experimenting with and making have been the best I've ever used. The coconut lotion I made yesterday has been the most miraculous thus far and therefore the first I'm going to share with you. I used it on my hands first right after making it. It's a very light texture and absorbs really quickly so, despite my apprehension, it doesn't get oil spots on everything you touch.

I put a little on my elbows because there was extra on my fingers. Half an hour later I folded my arms and happened to feel that my elbows were smoother than they have ever been. This is huge. Being a biker, skater, and general tree climber since I was little, my elbows have always been scarred and chapped. Until yesterday. Now they're only scarred--badges of accomplishment that I rather like.

That transformation sold me, but I like it even better this morning after using it on my face. Light, clean, and quick to absorb. Not to mention that it smells like coconut.

Original recipe from Clones N Clowns

1 c coconut oil
15 drops oil of choice (I used bio oil... sweet almond is also suggested)

Whip in a mixer 5-7 minutes.
Store in an airtight container.
Use as you would any lotion.

This recipe also works well with only the coconut oil.

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