07 April 2014

walk a mile, drive five hundred

The Eighth Day
text: molly holleran
photography: katie beth 

Friday was our last day in the city and we only had one main event on our agenda: walking over Brooklyn Bridge. KR was particularly excited about it but it had kept being pushed back. Today was the day. Somehow, we were going to get her over that bridge on her own two feet. I think Friday was the only day that we left the house together to begin a day’s adventures. A lively energy pervaded the group as we walked up the familiar blocks to the familiar station. We wondered at the joy of being able to come to a city and become a regular part of its works. We didn’t just stay in NYC, we lived there. Upstairs, downstairs, pushing through doors. Shamelessly pole hogging to be able to write without sitting down. Reciting a little Oscar Wilde “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” (The Importance of Being Earnest

Back on top we looked around and tried to find where we needed to go next. We were surrounded by stately buildings devoted to legal matters including the ostentatious columns of the New York Supreme Court building. “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government” is carved along its lintel. The Greek influence was apparent in the buildings we passed which I found interesting. When I was in DC last I was struck by how Roman everything looked. The right direction found we marched off to the south, KJ and I taking a swift and mutually natural pace while KR and HE matched each other behind us. 

On the other side we found a delightful Greek restaurant where we took a moment to be peaceful. The moment over, we went back to the apartment, backed Bruce and turned our backs on NYC.

We stopped at one of my friends’ houses outside of DC. It was good to see old friends and recount stories. Since we had to be back at school by five pm we put ourselves to bed early and got up after what amounted to a nap.

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