08 April 2014

new york from all our eyes

"six words. capture a moment, a feeling, or an idea. write one for each day. we'll put them together and maybe we'll create a three dimensional look at our time. or would it be four dimensional because there are four of us looking at the same things and seeing different ideas?"

Only Jesus knew what was coming. kj
Long drives need music and books. mh
And that’s when I understood Watsky. he
We settled into each other’s space. kb

Blonde boys make the best drivers. kj
I left my headphones in Virginia. he
The anger was for your protection. kb
God got us to our doorstep. mh

Wow, so transubstantiation really is important. mh
His earnest belief made him lie. kj
Underdressed in the presence of royalty. he
We didn’t turn on the TV. kb

Giddy sick broke and too happy. kb
I prefer people watching to shopping. mh
Lost among a sea of words. he
Everyone's looking but no one sees. kj

Road-trips and remembrances help make stories. mh
I gave him cigarettes, not money. he
Her words unlocked both of them. kb
Ten year anticipation made me choke. kj

I was a time traveler’s tourist. he
Snow covered all my past sins. kj
Your nostalgia is greater than mine. mh
Your fall took me with you. kb

Cold weather, warm strangers, good friends. mh
Standing alone among millions, he cried. kj
All the words melted away today. kb
Take some of my body heat. he

Subway windows are haunted by faces. kb
His plane ticket was his escape. he
Walk a mile, drive five hundred. mh
Saying "heading home" is a lie. kj

We didn’t leave Hillary at McDonalds. kj
“I love you.” “You’re stupid too.” he
I was awake for 22 hours. mh
I realized your floor was home. kb

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