29 March 2014

long drives need music and books

The First Day
text: molly holleran
photography: katie beth

On Friday afternoon four girls piled onto a car named Bruce who was older than half of the occupants to drive roughly nine hundred miles to NYC. The day was pleasant and there was a charge of excitement and perhaps a little trepidation in the air. A little sense of “are we doing this? Okay, we are actually doing this!” tinged the excitement. KJ and HE showed up at my door in Bruce and we laughed about the Sophie's choices we made concerning clothing, I over sweater-vests, HE over band T-shirts, and KJ over jackets. We speculated that KR would be making the choices over scarves as we drove to her house. The group set, we prayed and explored the novels brought for the trip. We decided on Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, which is an excellent book and one I heartily recommend. Books, music, and good conversation enlivened the drive all the way to West Virginia where we spent the night. 

Our host was an old friend of KJ and has an adorable, though he would not choose the adjective, five-and-a-half year old son. He was shy, so he hid himself in a closet as his mother showed us around. When they walked next door to sleep, he hid himself under a blanket. Remember, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

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