01 April 2014

god got us to our doorstep

The Second Day
text: molly holleran
photography: katie beth

Saturday morning was easy and relaxed as we breakfasted and talked with T and R. R had grown accustomed to us and felt free to bring out his Nerf guns and Spider Man outfit. I, a willing sacrifice, allowed Spider Man to tie me to a chair and be shot at. After he showed us his tricks on his toy ATV we piled back into Bruce to finish the journey. The drive was fairly uneventful. We stopped and ate lunch at a gas station somewhere on I-81. It was a chilly, clear day with a slight breeze and just enough sun. It was like a day in Vermont when it’s gearing up for spring but hasn't quite made up its mind yet. We sat on the curb and ate boiled eggs and chicken and grapes. I brought out welsh cakes which are delightful. Lunch over, we piled back into the car to finish the drive. When we neared NYC KR volunteered to do the driving and took to it well. After a couple minutes, in which we might have gone a couple of hundred feet and were honked at quite a lot, she began to imitate the spirit of the traffic.

After some confusing directions we found ourselves in the right part of Brooklyn. We found Clark Street and the house we would be staying in. We rounded the block a second time, NYC being riddled with one way streets, and looked for parking. Just as we rounded the corner with parking in sight, the lights flickered and died, the engine stopped, and we rolled to the side of the road. 

[kb: note how both of these women are grinning as we learn that our car is absolutely dead. praise be to God who didn't allow the car to break down on the williamsburg bridge, in heavy traffic, or somewhere in no-where virginia. he is merciful to us and oh how we felt it then.]

Before we had time to panic a man ran across the street from where he had been sweeping his steps and told us to pop the hood. We were not sure whether to trust him, but we didn't really have much of a choice. He worked with us for a while that night and determined that the engine wasn't starting and WD-40 was not fixing it. Clearly, we had a problem. He left his number with us, and we took up residence in the basement of a Brooklyn Brownstone that we were subletting for the week. The owners of the apartment were very nice and hospitable. They had a very friendly dog named Arya who took an immediate liking to us. We had a kitchen and fridge open to us as well as a stocked liquor cabinet, two bedrooms and a full bath.

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