29 January 2014

pounding in my head

I am writing a creative piece for my senior paper. My goal is, by using small, concrete details, to build the story around the two main figures in such a way as to show how their fear is both understandable and destructive. A lofty goal, but one I am struggling to achieve. I long to make these characters true. I want to be honest with my readers about those sins which lurk in my own body and project through these people...how brokenness tears people apart when it could bring them together.

The process has been long, exhausting, and endlessly rewarding. I may spend hours struggling over one concept and then days walking tenderly, careful to not touch the raw parts of my psyche. But I wouldn't change it.

Each draft transforms me.

No one can write or tell a story perfectly. Let it be that I wrote one truthfully for that may be the highest possible goal in this almost-but-not-yet.

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