24 January 2014

chicken lo mein

Even with the chopping and shredding of vegetables required for this recipe, it takes hardly any time at all to prepare. It also makes enough food for four people so plan company accordingly. : )

Modified from The Food Lover's Kitchen 

Chicken or beef 

Trim fat. 

2 c broccoli  
1/2 c shiitake mushrooms 

Clean and cut into bite sized pieces. 

2 c shredded cabbage (half a head) 

Thinly slice. 

1/4 c almonds 
1/4 c green onion 
1/4 c celery 


1 T ginger 
1 T garlic 

Coconut oil 

Heat wok over high heat. 
Coat with coconut oil. 
Add meat (3-4 minutes) until mostly cooked. 

1/2 c water chestnuts 

Add with broccoli, celery, and mushrooms (2 minutes). 

1/4 c green onion 

Add with almonds, cabbage, ginger, and garlic. 
Add more coconut oil (2-3 minutes) until cabbage softens a little. 
Remove from heat. 

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