03 May 2013

venice to hamburg

The next stage of our journey got us up at five in the morning to catch the boat to the Venice airport. With everyone asleep but the vaporettos dotting the city and setting ripples across the water, we glided through the fog which set all the buildings into an austere revery as if they were involved in higher things than paving stones and wet concrete.

The plane came next and what a short flight it seemed. I'm so used to three hour flights to and from uni in the States, not to mention that my latest flight was ten+ hours to get to the UK that the two hour hop to Germany seemed like nothing.

The first thing that we did when we got there was head to the harbor. Always the harbor. But really. You can see where I get it from because when my family's with me we're still always ending up around boats. Besides, Hamburg is known for its harbor all around the world. It was especially crucial during WWI and suffered severe bombing and is the port from which and through which thousands upon thousands of immigrants have entered and left Europe for decades.

[photo credit: rs]

We watched the massive cargo ships pass by one after another as we sat in the sun. My brother and I headed out onto a water break. Not expecting the waves to be as large as they were and having a little brother who enjoys a laugh, I ended up with quite a splashing. In the warmth of the evening it was soon dry.

[previous two photo credit: rs]
[photo credit: jr]

Next we had a tour of places with deep family history from my Opa* who grew up in Hamburg during and after World War II. The flat he grew up in (second story on the right**), the birth tree he carved his initials in, his father's grave stone.

[previous two photo credit: rs]

I have wanted to visit Hamburg with my Opa and see where he grew up for so long that it seems almost unreal to have finally gotten to do it. And what a joy to have most of my family with me as well! 

[photo credit: rs]

* "Grandfather" in German
** US 2nd story, UK 1st story

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