13 May 2013


Because my bags were in a self-storage unit in Headington (right above Oxford), I got to take my Grandfather over to pick them up and see my haunts. Because there isn't a line from where we were near Cambridge to Oxford, we took a train into London, switched stations by Underground, and then caught a second train into Oxford.

We arrived to sunshine and spring flowers everywhere.

Snagging a bus to High Street, we walked away from Christ's church and turned onto Cornmarket. Of course, the first place I took him was The Nosebag, home of what I hold to be the best cream tea in town. As we sat there, I thought about all of the times I'd gone in before. The sunshine oozed in the window and set the wooden floor alight while outside petals looped along in the breeze.

[photo credit: rs]

Continuing down Cornmarket considerably refreshed after our tea, coffee, clotted cream, jam, and scones, we turned down Broadstreet and found ourselves in a spring shower. We hopped into one of the stores, snagged an umbrella, and continued on to the Bridge of Sighs. I felt quite the tourist.

[photo credit: rs]

Broad then leads to the Radcliffe Camera and the main Bodleian and down we went along Brasenose Lane to Turl Street where we stopped in Scriptum because it is irresistible. From there it is only a few yards back out onto High Street where we'd begun and the large bus bank where we got our bus up to Headington. Once we'd procured both of my bags, we waited once again at the bus stop, rode back down to the Train Station, and followed our footsteps back to Mildenhall, Suffolk.

[two above photo credit: rs]

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