02 April 2013

the cliffs in the morning

Up at 4am again in order to watch the sunrise from on top of the white cliffs of Dover. Snowing, cold, and misty, we felt the air around us get lighter as the sun rose somewhere along the horizon we couldn't see, but none of us regretted it. The beauty of the cliffs in the early morning air was unforgettable.


The night before, we had packed breakfast. To escape the wind and snow, we ducked into a cave, got a lot of Dover on us and ate muffins before we headed back down to the harbor.

To finish up the day, we stopped in London again, this time for several hours in which we walked across London to the British Museum where we walked around the Enlightenment Room.


1 comment :

Molly said...

So, the day you posted his, I sat down to do my CHOW 2 reading, and would be believe it, one of the poems was Matthew Arnold's Dover Beach. I read it your pictures in mind. It looks like you are having a fabulous time!

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