13 April 2013

final oxford tips for tim

Sometimes switching up what font you're using can help when you get stuck in the middle of a tricky paragraph.

Know what you like in clothes and buy accordingly. Wonderful things happen when  you go to pack for extended trips. For example, everything you pack goes together...colors, patterns, shapes...it's great.

When backpacking, stage everything you're taking a couple days before leaving. This gives you time to think "you know...I don't really need those bulky sweatpants" or "why am I bringing two pairs of tights when I have leggings?"

So far I have never been hurt because I over-prepared.

I know you don't have this option as a man, but it is so wonderful to have a pretty dress to travel in which can be shoved in the bottom of a bag without getting wrinkled. Completely worth the extra expense it might be to acquire one. Extra points if it's pretty.

When under a restricted budget (or packing space), swapping clothes with friends for nights out is wonderful fun. Everyone feels as if they're wearing something special and no one had to buy anything new.

Sentimentality is not a bad thing in and of itself.

Do what you can to see the queen. It's worth it. If you happen to get a British flag in the process, all the better.

You really know you've lived in England when you find yourself checking your fringe in a window and then realize that you're reflected in a red, double-decker bus.

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