04 March 2013


I am currently working on my last of four creative writing pieces for my secondary tutor and have run across a funny problem. This compilation must be rhymed so I am utilizing Penguin's Rhyming Dictionary. In case you care, it is one of the most wonderful books I have ever bought myself. And it counted as a "school supply" in my budget. Win.

Here's the funny part. I am working on finding a rhyme for "yaw" as in the yaw, pitch, and roll of a ship. I look it up in the back. It's there! Yay. Very promising. So I head to the list at the front...list 9...and the first word in it is "oar."

What? Yaw...oar...yaw...oar. Not computing.

I go further down. "forescore" and "coleslaw." I think these are not rhymes...they're certainly not full rhymes, and no one could argue that they're even sight rhymes. Then it hits me.


When they say "oar" it really does sound like when they say "yaw." I will forever find these kinds of differences interesting. Also, I'm quite giddy over the fun of having a rhyming dictionary based on British pronunciation.

So that's my geeking out over that.

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