30 March 2013

more little things

Just like I have found myself with little collections of stamps and coins, I've also become the owner of a large number of pictures, notes, and clippings that inspire me or remind me of people who have impacted me over the years.

My first reaction has always been to plaster the walls with them. Many of my past roommates as well as my room at home can testify to that habit. However, here in Oxford I have had to curb that impulse slightly because of the walls. They don't take to blue sticky tack as well with their matte paint. However, with some mending wool, tacks, and clothespins, I've been able to effectively transform the ugly tan bulletin board over my desk into a sort of memory box.


My favorite part about using clothespins and string has been the versatility of it. As the term has gone by, adventures have been had, and people met, more and more pieces have been added. It being such a simple matter to add another picture to one often clothespins or to move other pieces around to make room, the system has worked perfectly. I only wish I could take it home with me intact.

But that is what I thought when I left home and came here. I trust that their next home will be the same as well.

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