03 March 2013

how we got there

Here is a wonderful telling of our adventures in getting to Ireland by Sonya of Paper Planes, one of my lovely companions while there on the trip. The two of us will be traveling together after term as well (about six weeks from now) so you'll get to hear more about our travels together as time goes on.

As a preview to that trip, we're heading up to Scotland and walking around Loch Lomond (there will be singing) from Glasgow to Tyndrum on The West Highland Way. From there we train down to Switzerland via a sleep in London and a four hour stopover in Paris. From Switzerland we're heading down to the south of France where we'll be exploring from Nice for a few days. Then we'll hop over to Cinque Terre Italy to conclude our travels. Sonya will then head back and I'll go on with my family.

So yeah. First we have to survive to the end of term though. Cheers to that. 

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