20 March 2013

a little listing

I have noticed that there are a few things that I miss while living in this land across the sea. I have also noticed that a great deal of them have to do with food...
  1. People...Obviously.
  2. Jet puffed marshmallows...Here they don't puff, or really brown for that matter. They just go runny and/or burst into flame.
  3. Jello...I'm guessing there are too many mystery ingredients for this to get popular here. While I don't usually go about eating jello all that much, there are some days that just seem to call for it.
  4. Perfume...I keep walking past tourists and getting a whiff of their perfume. I have loved being in the air, smelling trees, stone, grass, and dirt, but I do miss that little sometimes-luxury of smelling extra nice.
Tomorrow we're off to Portsmouth so no post, but some to come.

1 comment :

Melanie said...

Remember when we were in Skagway, Alaska, and met cruise ship people in town? Their clothes were so clean and crisp and they smelled wonderful. I'd never thought of that as a luxury!

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