03 February 2013


Woke up this morning to a cheery "good morning!" from my radio alarm clock. Far better than many of the mornings, which have awakened me to reports on various acts of violence in the United Kingdom. Not the first thing I would choose to wake up to.

Today was cool with the perfect amount of bite in the air. It's the kind of crispness that seeps into your lungs and makes you feel alive, but which doesn't require that you wear gloves while biking. For those of you familiar with Seattle  it's the kind of weather that comes just before you expect it to get warm for the summer but which really mean that you have two more months of drizzle before it will actually get warm.

More and more people have been coming with us to our little church. We had six this morning, all trailing along the cycle lane at the side of the road. At the beginning of the service, we were invited to lunch. You don't say no to a local inviting you to their home for lunch. Being in a home was wonderful. While our house here feels very much like a home, the presence of a mother, a father, and children creates a unique feel in a space which can't be matched by thirty five college-aged people smooshed together no matter how well we get along with one another.

As we cleaned up the dishes, we all volunteered our favorite hymns. We were able to sing all of them at least through the first verse and chorus as a whole group. It was so beautiful to listen to our voices fill the nooks and crannies of the house with the words of the Lord and people who love him dearly.

I believe I'm ready for next week thanks to God's good blessings.

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