04 February 2013

academics and love

I have not spoken enough about Tutorials. Mainly because I have been so in love with them that I don't want to scare away the glow surrounding them by putting the wrong words down...somewhat similar to how explaining a romance for the first time opens it to analyses.

It's in the wonders of walking up the hill from city center, feeling the sweat start on your neck, and realizing that you get to go back to your room, sit on your bed, and dig into a piece of literature that you chose yourself. It's the sudden, exhilarating feeling following your tutor saying "well, what did you find most interesting in the text?" It's the crisp morning cycles down the back roads, under the bridges, and over the Thames towards your tutor's house where you know a cup of tea awaits along with criticism and praise.

The structure breeds respect. We are junior members of the university while our tutors are senior members. We're working towards the same end: a better understanding of the world through our disciplines of choice. My tutors want to hear my thoughts...my writing.

I keep telling myself to soak it in. To carry this perspective with me into the US system. To give this gift to my future students.

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