19 January 2013

taking a fall

The ice has taken a few of us down on our cycles and I joined those numbers yesterday. Don't worry...no serious damage done. It actually would have been fun if I hadn't been thinking "oh my goodness I think I'm going to die..." It was a graceful superman slide, I'm told...just with a bike and some pavement involved.

My real concern at the time was how my camera was in my front pocket...that one that's ripped up in the top left picture. It was already struggling a bit while I was in London. Something was amiss in the lens and moving around in the corners of the pictures. You can see it in the top left corner of this photo...

But look at this next photo! I just took it...it's fixed! No really. No more blotches in the corners...the whole frame is in focus...who'd've thunk that all it needed was another smack on the pavement? God is so good to me.

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