20 January 2013

pita rolls

Today it is snowing. My tutorial was postponed until some time next week, creating this wonderful time bubble in which I've finished a paper and don't have a new question yet. I decided to make pita bread. I got the recipe from Under the High Chair and ended up with a lovely little pile of puffy rolls. 

They didn't hollow out, but they certainly got wonderfully fluffy and I'm excited to try them again.

In order to use the final little pile of flour that I'd rolled them in, I put a little oil in, some warm water, and a dash of rosemary. I simply kneaded it in my hands, flattened it out, and placed it on a skillet over low heat. It was then only a matter of flipping it over and getting the inside to cook as fast as the outside. 

Let me tell you...rosemary and raspberry is a wonderful combination.

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