31 December 2012

sweet and warm

Twinings | Pomegranate & Raspberry...wonderfully fragrant.

During an intense study session last semester, I declined an offer of tea from Rachel who then brewed herself a cup. Seconds after the water hit the tea bag, I changed my mind. The most glorious fragrance wafted through the entire room...the warm, sweet scent of berries that transports me straight to summers picking them off of the wild brambles in the Pacific Northwest. I was then distracted by syntax and forgot to remove the tea bag in time, but a little packet of sugar took care of the slight bitterness from steeping too long. It is yet another wonderful caffeine free study tea, but this time you don't even have to drink it to enjoy it. So...it's even more of a perfect study tea!

You can find Twinings Pomegranate & Raspberry Tea online here from Twining's online location or here from World Market

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