07 October 2012

Victory Rolls the Subtle Way

For the current theatre production (Arlene Hutton's "See Rock City"), I learned to do victory rolls. They really aren't that hard...so long as you use enough mouse...or bobby pins...or a curler...and drown it in hair spray afterwards. Granted, not all victory rolls have to stand up to thirty second fast changes into dresses and out of hats.

We ended up toning down the look so that her hair could be let down for the second act of the show. To do this, we pin curled her hair before putting it up, used combs to pull it back and up, and only rolled her bangs. Such a pity as she looked really good with all four rolls framing her face, but not to worry as she still looked very nineteen-forties. And good for you too! Because you can learn how and actually use it in public without people thinking you're a strange history nut. But hey! If you are a history nut, go for it! I'm thinking I will definitely need to wear victory rolls to my future classes when teaching about World War II.

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