15 December 2014

winter market

I am in no way an expert on the subject of working a winter farmer's market in Seattle. The strip of white tents is filled with folks who have braved the cold, snow, wind and - the coldest - clear blue sky. However, as time has moved forward, I have been able to glean some wisdom from these very same brave souls and would like to pass it on to you should you ever need it.

If you happen to be next to some amazing vendors, take them up on their offer of watching your booth while you dash inside the nearby building to sit on the heater. Take into account that you will be waiting in line for your turn.

If you can keep your heater going in the wind you can probably keep your toes from stinging.

By placing boxes at angles around your feet and thereby channeling the warmth from your propane heater, you may just feel a little warmth as well as keeping yourself from going numb. It's completely your prerogative whether you want to be numb or not. Personally, I try to avoid it due to the potential pain of the re-warming process.

If you can, hold the tongs for as short a time as possible. Because of the simple laws of thermodynamics, you will manage to get your fingers cold to the point of hurting but not to the point of numbness. This should be avoided.

Try not to burst into tears or become too snide when a customer calls over their shoulder to "stay warm!" as they head back to their warm homes after a quick sprint to get their vegetables. Also, under no circumstances should you think about how you have to stand there another four hours.

Well, there you have it. You will now be more prepared than I was when I first stepped behind these tables. And you know? there are few types of work I like better. Granted, it's cold and there's pain and some frustration, but the camaraderie...

You may find stronger among soldiers, or arctic explorers, but farmers? They've got the average beat.

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