13 September 2013

dinner party

Friday afternoon. All of us in the house were home and one of my professors came to have a meal with us. We all just puttered around the kitchen while I directed the cooking.

Freedom from classes for a couple days, delicious food in the kitchen, and the best company around the table.

We're rarely home all together so it was such a wonderful treat. There were enough of us that we had to pull the dining room table out from the wall, got out the strange goblet classes in the cupboard, and lit the candles.

the menu...

basic cucumber salad
chop a cucumber
put olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it.

libby's red cabbage coleslaw
secret sauce of goodness
chopped red cabbage
chopped carrot

from Tumeric n Spice

from Cinnamon Eats

If anyone ever tells you that you can't do a good dinner party on the SCD diet, I am living proof that it's a lie. Everyone was able to chip in, the recipes were simple, and we only burned something once. Rather impressive, what with all of the conversation and fellowship we were getting in as well. 

A most certain success.

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