21 February 2013

one and two thirds

I have now been here a month and two thirds and yet I am still finding new layers in the buildings and people.  These windows inspire me to turn the metal latch, push against the stick of the surrounding paint, and lean out over the street, my fingers resting against the dusty windowsill.

These colors speak Oxford to me. The brown stone looks warm no matter how frigid the air really is. You don't care as much how cold your nose is or whether you can feel it at all when you're gliding past rows of flats and academic buildings. 

As I peered over cobble roofs and around corners into this tiny courtyard, I couldn't help but wonder how many had taken the time to notice its inhabitant. I also felt the overwhelming desire to stand with her and watch the sunshine shapes make their diagonal way across the building stone.

I will be off in Dublin this weekend so I won't be posting anything until next Tuesday. However, I'm sure that the time will be made up in full as there will be plenty of exciting photos and (hopefully) some poetry on Dublin as I need some for my upcoming tutorial.

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