03 December 2012

Caledon Christmas 2012

This year was quite different from previous Caledon Christmases, though just as lovely. Look at all the new faces!

We did a gingerbread house competition (with wonderful superlatives of course), went to dinner, went caroling, and returned to watch a movie and eat said gingerbread houses. SO wonderful. Because we made the gingerbread ourselves, they were delicious. I've put the recipe in at the end. To make the houses, make sure to chill the dough overnight so it doesn't poof up in the oven. Such poofing makes it difficult to put the houses together as they're intended. 

From the gingerbread we made two sides, two peaked pieces for the other sides, and two roof pieces. We then used the extra dough to make paths, circles, and trees for good measure. For people, we used little animal-cracker-like cookies.

Decorations-wise, we had Werther's Originals, mini candy canes, gum drops, spearmints, and frosting (recipe also at the end).

Creativity was bursting out of every single house. We had four teams going and ended up with wonderfully different houses. Here's the Grinch stealing this home's Christmas tree. Notice Max in the foreground with his one horn! The Grinch is made of gum drops over one of the little people. Max is all gum drops, and frosting as are the Christmas tree ornaments.

One of the others was a love nest. Look at that wreath! It's gum drops on a spearmint. The couple was stargazing on the roof and candles burned in the back windows.

The next one got "most realistic" from their adorable car in the sideyard. Huge creativity points for unconventional use of a pathway.

Then we had a hobbit house. Notice the hobbit's furry feet! It came in with most colorful. Look at that beautiful roof!

We also ended up with two lovely ladies breaking off and creating this beautiful buttressed Gothic cathedral out of gingerbread people. Some people claim that it's creepy because it's made out of people. I think the attention to detail overrides that factor.

And of course the festivities ended with a lot of picture taking. Gotta love Molly.

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